Before Cheryl began her real estate career, she was a housewife who helped her husband with his home building business.

She cleaned houses from time to time to help make ends meet, and, oh yes, she is the mother of SIX children and also has one grand daughter and two grandsons.

Prior to getting into real estate, money was so tight that she used her know-how and love of making homemade pies to barter for services. She even paid her obstetrician for the birth of her sixth child with her now famous homemade pies. Even after she entered real estate, she continued to bake pies for her clients to show them her appreciation for being given the chance to represent them.

To this day, her clients, friends and associates never pass up the chance to eat a piece of authentic “Cheryl Rellstab” pie. Needless to say, to the delight of many Nevada County residents, the tradition lives on.