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EXP Realty of California, Inc.

Cheryl Rellstab has been a guiding force in Nevada County real estate since 1984, with a focus on Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Penn Valley.

As a co-founder of a renowned contracting firm, Cheryl’s portfolio is replete with distinctive homes, reflecting her keen eye for quality and potential in property development. Her acumen in constructing and identifying prime locations has empowered countless clients to realize their dream homes.

Cheryl’s philosophy is client-centric, grounded in attentive listening, informed guidance, and meticulous navigation of the real estate process. Her commitment to fostering robust client relationships has cemented her reputation for excellence and sustained high-volume sales, with an impressive average of over 25 million in homes bought and sold each year.

Her prowess in the field is underscored by her continuous education in mediation and negotiation, keeping her at the forefront of the industry’s evolution. Cheryl’s record-setting years, with peaks of 40 and 44 million in sales, attest to her unwavering dedication and strategic finesse.

Formerly a national franchise owner in Nevada County, Cheryl’s leadership soared as she became the top producing agent, outshining 4000 peers and garnering national accolades. Her deep community ties and expansive network afford her an unparalleled grasp of market shifts, granting her clients a decisive edge.

Cheryl’s journey in real estate is rooted in a personal narrative of resilience and entrepreneurship. Once a homemaker bartering homemade pies for real estate services, her journey has been one of transformation—today, those very pies are a beloved local tradition, symbolizing her blend of personal touch with professional mastery.

About the Pie

Before Cheryl Rellstab became synonymous with real estate excellence, she was the matriarch of her household, balancing support for her husband’s construction business with the joys and challenges of raising six children. During those early days, her home-baked pies became more than just a means to contribute financially; they became a symbol of her resourcefulness and love for her family.

Her journey into real estate was paved with the same dedication she put into her pies, bartering them for services when times were lean. These pies became so renowned that she even exchanged them for the services of her obstetrician. As her career flourished, the pies remained a sweet staple, a gesture of gratitude towards her clients and a reminder of her humble beginnings.

Today, Cheryl’s pies are a local legend, with clients, friends, and associates all cherishing the opportunity to enjoy a slice of her homestyle baking. These pies are not just desserts; they’re pieces of Cheryl’s heritage and heart, shared generously within the Nevada County community, keeping the spirit of the past alive in every bite.

EXP Realty of California, Inc.

Our Team

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Aly Rellstab

Realtor, BRE License #01989024, Marketing Coordinator

Aly’s real estate voyage is a vibrant narrative woven through diverse career landscapes, from hospitality’s warm embrace to the precision of accounting and the creative pulse of marketing. Her lifelong immersion in real estate, nurtured from childhood by accompanying her mother, instilled in her the rhythm of the industry and a profound sense of home.

Navigating through varied career paths, Aly discovered her real estate calling amidst the joys and challenges of single motherhood. When serendipity led her to the real estate exam, she triumphed, drawing upon her latent well of knowledge. That moment of revelation set the cornerstone for a career where she measures success not just by transactions, but by the trust and relationships built with her clients.

Encounters such as guiding a first-time buyer through the pivotal milestone of homeownership ignited Aly’s passion for real estate, transforming her from a seller to a steward of dreams. She believes in the power of service, in offering transparent counsel and securing outcomes that resonate long after the keys are exchanged. To Aly, her clients are family, their stories as integral to her journey as her mentorship under Zig Ziglar’s wisdom.

Committed to service over sales, Aly’s heart-first approach and her commitment to understanding her clients’ needs have filled her own life with fulfillment and purpose. With over 200 transactions under her belt, she stands ready to be the bridge to her client’s real estate aspirations, bringing a human touch to every deal she crafts.

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Dawn Powdrill

Realtor, BRE License #02138115

Dawn Powdrill’s roots in Nevada County run deep, enriched by 12 years of local living and active community involvement. As a mother with children in the local school system, she is a staunch advocate for educational diversity and the enrichment it brings to life in our area. Dawn’s passion extends beyond real estate; she is deeply engaged in community enrichment, including art, animal rescue, and the splendor of Nevada County’s natural beauty.

Her commitment to the community is parallel to her dedication to her clients. Dawn leverages her extensive knowledge of the area’s real estate market, honed by her personal experience as a long-time property owner, to guide her clients smoothly through their real estate ventures. With Dawn, clients can expect a journey marked by ease, insight, and a shared vision of success.

Dawn believes in unlocking doors—not just to new homes but to new possibilities. “Together we can unlock the doors to your future,” she asserts, inviting clients to embark on a real estate journey with her experienced guidance leading the way.